PoP5 - “Why We Revolt” – the patient’s side of the call for better care, with Victor Montori

July 27, 2018

At the start of his book Why We Revolt Dr. Victor Montori of the Mayo Clinic says, “Healthcare has corrupted its mission: it has stopped caring, and I am not going along with it.” He’s sharp – cited in 86,000 medical articles! – yet he’s so, so caring, and truly wants us all (patients and clinicians alike) to demand the chance to give, and get, careful and kind care. For extra insight listen to his  companion interview from the physician perspective, with my friend @Doctor_V on his own TouchPoint podcast, “The Exam Room.”

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PoP4 - “What will this cost?” The hardest question in US healthcare! - with Clear Health Costs

July 13, 2018

Want better control over your health costs? Investigative journalism has finally come to healthcare, and it's winning prizes bigtime. 

My guest Jeanne Pinder is a former New York Times editor whose company Clear Health Costs has just won the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative journalism, for their contribution to the "Cracking the Code" series in New Orleans. The series also won the Society of Professional Journalists National Public Service Award, and was even a finalist for the ultimate - the Peabody Award, "the Pulitzer of broadcast." Hear insane, funny, and infuriating health cost stories from Jeanne's work, and learn how to educate yourself, fight back, and sometimes find better prices.

The money trail in American healthcare is deeply buried and hard to cut through. If you've ever been puzzled, annoyed, or ripped off by a medical bill, you're not alone. 

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PoP3 - What Everyone Should Know about Getting the Best Care, with Dr. Danny Sands

June 27, 2018

A real treat - today we talk with my famous physician, Dr. Danny Sands! Two audio sessions teach in two different ways:

First, a conversation: We sat down after a speech we did together in Hartford, and I asked him: "Of all the things you've encountered, what advice do you think everyone should understand about getting the best available care for themselves and their families?" He packs years of advice into ten minutes.

Second, role plays from one of our speeches, illustrating what that advice looks like in a real patient-provider visits. In these speeches we play out seven "before and after" scenarios of different topics, from email to shared decision making to googling, showing how a modern participatory doctor welcomes the Power of the Patient in achieving the best possible care.

Dr. Danny Sands can be found at www.DrDannySands.com, on LinkedIn, and on Twitter (@DrDannySands).

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PoP2 - Tricky Conditions: Understanding Disease, Diagnosis and Decisions”

May 24, 2018

Larry Fagan is a great example of what a difference it make when patients and families do everything in their power to help their medical team - and the medical team welcomes it. Larry and Dave discuss the important of understanding the decision process that the care team will go through, how critical it is to understand the disease itself and the treatment options, and the benefits of joining online medical groups.

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About Larry Fagan

Lawrence Fagan’s research interests have been at the intersection of computers and medical care since 1975.  He helped run the Biomedical Informatics Training Program at Stanford University for nearly thirty years. His current research interest is in the area of patient-focused participatory medicine and patient safety. Lawrence received his undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Science (Artificial Intelligence) from MIT, his PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University, and his MD from the University of Miami. He was elected to fellowship in the American College of Medical Informatics.

PoP1 - Introducing Power of the Patient

April 25, 2018

What is an "e-Patient" anyway? Tune in and hear from "e-Patient Dave" deBronkart as he defines this space and outlines what you can expect with his new podcast and even how to become empowered in your own healthcare. Dave will share what we all need to know to get the best medical care without going broke or getting killed in the process. In this inaugural episode, listen as Dave tells his own story and how he got to where is he today - helping others!